Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Be Safe Rather Than Sorry Through Mercury Safe Dentistry In Lawrence KS

What are the effects of mercury amalgam when used as a filling?

In addition to being toxic, amalgam or mercury fillings come with other risks. Silver mercury fillings are not only hazardous to our bodies but also to the environment. Amalgam is a temperature sensitive substance, which expands and contracts when in contact with hot or cold substances. Amalgam will shrink and expand at a different rate than the teeth. This can weaken the tooth and lead to tooth sensitivity, enamel fractures, and even breakage of the tooth.

Amalgam is not aesthetically pleasing and most do not like it for this reason. Amalgam is a silver colored material and does not match with the natural color of the tooth. The color will be noticeable if the restoration is done near the front of the mouth.
The dentist will also have to remove a large part of your healthy tooth in order to place the amalgam filling when compared with composite resin fillings.  Composite resins will require less drilling as it will bond directly with the tooth. Resin fillings are tooth colored and the difference will not be noticeable as it is with the amalgam fillings. 

What are the advantages of using composite resin?

Composite resin fillings can be used to repair small decays and replace older fillings. The resins adhere to the natural structure of the tooth, providing a barrier against decay-causing bacteria. Use of composite resin will retain natural tooth structure for a better smile. Composite resin helps in retaining the strength of the tooth. The resin will not crack due to temperature changes.

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